Introducing Forward Gear - The Distributor That Makes a Difference

Forward Gear provides marketing and distribution services to the motorcycling and automotive industries. We create success for manufacturers by exposing the market to their brands and products, while providing order fulfillment and warranty coverage. We create success for dealers and retailers by using advertising and promotion to stimulate consumer interest. Forward Gear fosters the connection between supply and demand so product doesn't sit on shelves and customers don't leave empty handed. The bottom line is; you sell more, because we do more.

Chris Wilson, President of Forward Gear says, “These are challenging times, and we are excited to be able to offer a fresh approach to distribution, where the distributor participates in business development. People rely on us to help them survive and succeed, so we tie our success to theirs. Forward Gear has a vested interest in the success of our partners, our peers, and the industry as a whole.”

Forward Gear is different because of our background. Mix “gear head” with “sales guy”, throw in some “tech geek” and you get the idea. We love motorcycles and cars, but we also love high-tech and have years of experience in the marketing and sale of industrial software. This unique history helps us look at distribution a little differently.

We know how tough it is to face an upset customer, or to lose a sale because of a backorder, but dealers can’t stock everything, so we offer fast shipping and a no-hassle return policy. Good displays sell product, so we offer merchandising help. If people don’t know about a product, they probably won’t buy it, so we build websites and exhibit at trade shows, often on our own dime.

Did we mention we tie our success to others’?

About Forward Gear: Forward Gear is a distribution and marketing company working primarily in the motorcycling and automotive industries. Forward Gear builds success by creating a synergy between manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. We understand that supply and demand need to balance, and we work to create that balance. Learn more about Forward Gear at