Forward Gear Tagline: Distribution plus Marketing equals Forward Gear

Forward Gear™ blends distribution and marketing tactics to form an ideal partner for manufacturers and retailers looking to increase sales, get access to additional market space, and improve how well their products meet expectations.

We aren't satisfied to simply store inventory and fulfill orders. We also manage comprehensive marketing campaigns designed to generate awareness and sales.

In effect, we are the gear that drives supply and demand.

You sell more, because we do more.

Latest News

Venhill Brakes into the USA

Venhill’s British-made braided stainless steel brake and clutch lines will be available in America with the arrival of Venhill USA™.


Partner Brand

Venhill USA

Venhill Engineering Ltd. is a manufacturer based out of the UK that was looking to expand their presence in the U.S.

Venhill and Forward Gear partnered to create Venhill USA, which is targeting the U.S. market through a dedicated website and appearances at industry shows such as Dealer Expo.


Recent Blog Post

Help Wanted
(to reduce costs. But what about increasing sales?)

So - I visited the paint store the other day and among the small talk while picking out a color, the conversation inevitably moved onto the current economy. The manager (who I've known for several years) mentioned that "corporate" had asked everyone to contribute ideas about how to reduce costs.

I thought, "Why do companies always look to employees when it's time to cut heads or lower costs some other way, but they never seem to ask employees to submit their ideas about how to increase sales or improve the product?"